...And there were artists, photographers and graphic designers and copywriters.

But now with computers and cell phones everybody thinks they are all of the above-mentioned professionals; and concepts like grammar, composition and style have sadly been thrown to the wind.

That being said, if you need to start or update your website, let’s look at today’s trends mixed with some tried and true techniques of graphics communication.

Branding is the buzzword these days. How effective and memorable is your logo?  Clipart is boring and cheesy. You might want art that is customized, and even registered for you. If you don’t know a bezier curve from a dithered graphic, you might want to contact me.

Higher Resolution Graphics are the next thing. Headshots, product shots and graphics that appear to be pixelated and riddled with stray specks and dots, make you look a little cheap. If you don’t know the difference between a GIF and a JPEG, you might want to contact me.

Copywriting is still best left to the professional, but in this age of blogging and texting, all bets are off. Typos are one thing, but bad vocabulary and clunky sentence construction make you appear to be careless, imprecise and not very clear with what you’re trying to say.  If you don’t know the difference between passive and active voice, you might want to contact me about copy writing.

Once upon a time there was paper and ink.

Video messages are unique to the electronic page and I think they are still finding their way as a valuable selling tool. Company documentaries and testimonials lay it out clearly for the reader, with no reading required. You can create a website video with professional production values for not as much money as you think; contact me about it.  Also see my home page video greeting

Next year, all this information might need to be updated again. Never the less, effective communication is the goal, whether it’s ink on paper or pixels on a screen.


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